Green is the new Navy

I love choosing paint colors. In this house, the objective was to get a clean slate and get it FAST, so I painted nearly everything the same color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore. For the nursery, I wanted to feel like I gave a damn enough to choose a different color, and my friend had a leftover gallon of BM Classic Gray from her house. I loved it on her walls, so I bought the gallon from her, and it’s perfect. But I guess that left me itching to exercise my hobby of choosing paint colors.

It just so happens that when I sit in the rocker in the nursery, my sightline is straight into the hallway. Hours spent in that chair led to hours imagining the hallway in a rainbow of colors. Can you guess what color I chose? Did the title give it away?


Like any well-behaved hobby decorator, I follow the blogs and take note of trends. In our last home, I painted a bathroom in a dark navy-teal, and I LOVED the drama and contrast with thick, white trim.

But that was then, and this is now! And now, dark green is the new navy! Forest Green! Hunter Green! Emerald Green!

Behold some inspiration photos.




source (sorry, it’s just from Pinterest)



I lean on the Internet heavily when researching color. Surprisingly, it was hard to find blog round-ups of favorite dark green paint colors. What’s up with that?

Regardless, I had a clear vision in my head, and when I found Pennyweight’s photos of Tarrytown Green (top photo), I knew that was the one! Two coats later, I think I nailed it! It is really hard to photograph, so you’ll have to trust me.


Ouch, that sad little sconce. I already have a new one in hand, and it’s on the list to install (see pic below). However, it’s not a very straight-forward project because it really needs to be moved lower on the wall and somehow centered (there is a stud in the way). Also, there is no light switch for this fixture, so I’m going to install a “tap-on, tap-off” thingamajig inside the light. Which is not as hard as it sounds, according to the guy at The Lamp Place.







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