For the Love of Black Windows

Let’s talk about windows. I love old windows – the woodwork, the rippled glass, the character. But the windows in this house passed that charming character stage a couple decades ago. Three windows in the front have been replaced in the last 10 years, but the seal is already failing, unfortunately. The rest of the windows have their own age-related issues – several cracked panes, most are painted shut, all sash cords have been cut, and there is so much peeling (lead) paint it looks like they are decoupaged in cornflakes.


Aww, a bullet hole! Such charm.


If the house had ALL of its original windows, and I wasn’t 9 months pregnant, I would be tempted to restore each window over time. But in this case, all signs pointed to replacement.

All new windows? Immediately, Alex and I were starry-eyed and clapping our hands, imagining gorgeous black windows, inside and outside! Our house will look JUST like this!



Come to find out – no one offers black interiors on replacement windows! I called at least 4 different companies and none of them offer it, not even Andersen. So that was out. But we were still enamored with the idea of black exteriors. Especially in contrast to aged red brick. This was our inspiration:

source – and I know it’s not a source, but some of these photos were just the first things to pop up on google image search

So, we did what any reasonable person would do in the 21st century, and photoshopped both options onto the house!


Ahh if only it were that easy to improve curb appeal!

I’m going to majorly abbreviate the 2+ weeks we spent going back and forth between white and black – it was a daily debate. We chose white. In the end, we chose the frugal route – black would have been a LOT more expensive, and given that there are only two windows on the front of the house, it’s not going to make a huge impact on the overall vision. Someday, when we have the bungalow of our dreams, we will spring for black windows.

Another thing that made our decision so drawn out was that we also had to decide on grill styles. Originally we wanted Craftsman-style grills, with vertical grills in the upper sashes only. Remember, bungalow goals! But when we had the in-home consultation with the window company, we realized that four of the windows we have are 20″ or less in width, so they wouldn’t have fit two vertical grills without looking cramped. In the end we decided to go with what was original to the house – colonial style grids in both sashes. So, larger windows will have 6 over 6 panes, and smaller windows will have 4 over 4.

I still ache when I pass houses with gorgeous dark windows. In fact, at this stage, I pretty much drool over any house that doesn’t have weeds growing up around the astro-turfed front porch. Baby steps!





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