Bathroom: Part 1 – the Plan



The plan for the bathroom:

  • Tub: The tub is original and I am hoping it will clean up. We had the tub in our current house re-glazed, which looks nice, but my goal is to have the original finish. I want to be able to wash the dog in the tub, use tub mats, etc – you can’t do those things with a re-glazed tub.
  • Shower Tile: We’ll do subway tile in shower, to the ceiling. We will likely take the wooden trim off the window and tile into the window frame. We need to find a piece of marble or something for the window sill.
  • Window: The window will be replaced, like all the windows in the house. It will be white with 6 over 6 colonial grids, and tempered diffused glass. So excited to have a window in the shower!
  • Electrical Work: The electrician is adding a recessed light in the shower and a bath fan in the center of the ceiling. The spaceship-esque vent is being replaced with a normal rectangular vent that will be closer to the wall with the door. Thank goodness!


  • Lighting: The plumbing will all stay in the same place, but the sconce is being moved up about 10 inches. It’s super low right now. I haven’t chosen a sconce yet, but this is the style I’m leaning toward. Image: pepeandcarols
  • Toilet: We are going to replace the toilet, mostly because the one in there now is the widest toilet in all the land.


  • Sink: The sink we will use is the same one that I put in the master bathroom in our current house. We found it at Goodwill for $6 if I remember correctly. It’s a vintage American Standard shelf-back sink, and I’m married to it. We took it out and replaced it with a new pedestal when we decided we were going to move. Marriage is forever.  Image: deabath
  • Floor Tile: The floor tile is our “splurge” for the room. We looked everywhere for slightly oversized, 3 inch hex tile in a matte black marble or travertine, but by golly it just doesn’t exist. So we are going with the Tile Shop’s Noir Hex tumbled black travertine tile, 2″ hexagons. I had noticed it on blogs, and we loved it in person at the Tile Shop. We only have 25 square feet of floor space in here, so the 2″ hexagons are probably better anyway.
  • Walls: The walls are going to be shiplap, either to the ceiling or halfway up the wall. We have done a lot with beadboard in past renovations, and I’m ready to switch it up. I don’t think houses in this area were ever built with shiplap (unlike the houses in Waco on Fixer Upper), but I’m okay with faking a little historical charm. I really don’t want to follow the typical DIY ship-lap route, with hobby board or lauan plywood, etc. We haven’t quite figured out how we’re going to do it, because for some reason you just can’t buy it at Home Depot or Lowe’s in our area.
  • Medicine Cabinet: My dream is a oiled walnut, mission-style medicine cabinet with mirror. I am going to commission my dad to make one, but for now I might actually use what’s there and paint the frame black or something. Medicine cabinets are of two persuasions these days: stinkin’ expensive, or plastic garbage.

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