The BEFORE tour

“Do you have the guts to take on a fixer upper?” – Joanna Gaines

I know I’m not the only Fixer Upper fan out there! Alex and I have inhaled every episode. Honestly, part of my motivation for moving and taking on this crazy endeavor was that our current house was “done”. It made me sad to look at the next few years and not see any big projects and transformations on the horizon. What is wrong with me??

A few notes about the house: It is small. Like, 850 square feet small. But the tipping point with this house is the basement, which I haven’t included pictures of (yet). The basement is full size, with at least 7 foot ceilings. There are 3 small windows and a door that walks up to the backyard. Since the furnace is in the attic, there is no ductwork below ceiling level, making it a perfect candidate for finishing. In fact, it used to be finished, decades ago. So the stairs going down are finished and pretty – not your average cellar stairs. It is even roughed in for a laundry, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and family room. The idea of a comfortable family room with a big ugly sectional (ok maybe not ugly) and a plush rug was a big sellling point for us. Until we get the basement finished, we are dealing with a downsize, but it’s worth the wait!





Living Room



Kitchen/Dining – click here to see plans for the kitchen!


Bathroom – click here to see the plans for the bathroom!



Bedrooms – the bedrooms are virtually the same, one slightly bigger than the other. Two windows & a closet.




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